film faced plywood is used as a formwork in industrial, commercial and civil works

film faced plywood is used as a formwork in industrial, commercial and civil works. It has many advantages compared to traditional product such as:
▪ Absolutely flat concrete surface, no mortar required after casting.
▪ Light density, portable, easy for installation. Labor cost saving and project schedule shortening.
▪ Waterproof, re-use for many times, high economic efficiency.
▪ High compressive strength, response calculated secure in construction.
▪ Easy to saw and link each other, favorable for usage.

▪ Film is phenolic resin adhesive membrane to make the smooth, low scratched surface and protect the plywood usage.
▪ Plywood core is using either Softwood or Hardwood.
▪ Plywood includes many layers of veneers that be hot pressed for 2-3 times with water boiled proof (WBP) glue helping to increase elasticity, hardness of plywood and working capability in wet outdoor condition.

Origine : Vietnam


– Standard size: 2440x1220mm,2500x1250mm

– Thickness: 4mm-30 mm

– Species Core: poplar/hardwood/birch or as requested

– Face/Back: Phenol Film, Grade: A/A, Glue: WBP or MR

– Glue: MR/ WBP/ Melamine/ E1/ E2

– Film: black film, brown film, red film, yellow film

– Processing of edges: by waterproof paint in different color

– Moisture Content: below 14%

– Density: 550-640kgs/m3

– Bonding strength: more than 1.0Mpa

– Cross static bending strength: more than 20Mpa

– Cross modules of elasticity: more than 4000Mpa

Packaging : Inner packing: inside pallets are wrapped with 0.2mm plastic bag. Outer packing: pallets are covered with plywood/ carton and then steel taped for strength

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