Vietnam Container Flooring Plywood for New Building&repairing container flooring plywood

    We made container flooring plywood for repairing containers or making new containers, Plywood flooring for new buiding container flooring plywood; dry container repair, plywood size is 2400x1160x28mm. Our container flooring plywood is produced by selected hardwood veneers. Its 19 plies veneer panels are made from 100% Apitong / Keruing, cross-laid to maximize all strength parameters. The resin used for shipping container plywood flooring is Phenolic Synthetic Resin adhesive, of WBP grade (boiling waterproof) or MUF Glue. Container Flooring Plywood is extensively used in floors of cargo containers, heavy load carrying vehicles and other industrial requirements due to prolonged heavy-duty use and highly durable properties of the material.

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    Vietnam Container Flooring Plywood
    Our container flooring plywood have passed IICL standard certified by Testing
    + Sizes: 1160 x 2400mm
    + Thicknesses: 28mm
    + Length and width tolerance: +/- 1.0mm
    + Thickness tolerance: +/- 0.3mm – 0.5mm
    + Number of layers: 19+2
    + Core wood: 100% Eucalyptus or Mixed hardwood
    + Glue: WBP (Melamine or Phenolic) or MUF Glue
    + Grade: A/A or A/B
    + Face and Back veneer: Keruing or Apitong veneer AB
    + Color: Red wood
    + Surface: Sealed
    + Edges: Notched and Sealed
    + Moisture Content: below 12% before loading
    + Density: > 750 kg/cbm
    + Bonding strength: >= 1 N/mm2
    + Thickness swelling: =< 8% + Formaldehyde Emission: E2/E1 + Wear-resistant, anti-cracking, anti-acid and alkaline-resistant. + Net Weight: (55 – 58 kg), (58 – 60 kg), (60 – 62 kg), (Over 62 kg) + Usage: new buiding container flooring plywood & repairing container flooring plywood + Packaging: by metal straps and wooden pallets, 30 sheets x 16 pallets per 40ft container + Minimum Of Order (MOQ): 01 x 20ft container per each shipment,33-34sheets/pallet,8 pallets/container ,264 sheets-272 sheets/20' DC + Origin: Made in Northern of Vietnam.